Dharm Ki Jay Ho… Adharam Ka Naash Ho…

Praniyon Mein Sadbhawna Ho.. Vishwa Ka Kalyan Ho…

To interpret these above mentioned words, the Almighty Good sends his sages, saints, propagators and ideal personalities from time to time in the building of utopia world through their spiritual satsangs and tasks of welfare. There is one distinguished name in this series is “H.H. Sardhye Shri Bhai Ajay Ji” – Founder “Triveni Sewa Mission” and “Rasth Mandir”, “Vishwa Ramayana Dham”.

"Triveni Sewa Mission is organized effort towards the manifestation of the honourable sentiments of Sages. “Service to Manking”, by Divine Spiritual Religious & Cultural Programmes. This is an introductory window to the various programmes, activities and intentions of the Mission. Let us all join hands to world peace and promote spiritual growth, spread. “Vasudev Kutumbkam” (One World –One Family) is the inspiration behind the ‘TRIVENI SEWA MISSION’. The Mission is devoted to promote the values of traditional culture and Heritage of India, Humanity, Harmony (Global Brotherhood) spiritual awareness and selfless service to mankind, thus truly giving form to ‘Sarve Bhawantu Sukhinah (May all be blessed)” in true spirits. The Mission is functioning under the patronage and guidance of Reverend Bhai Ajay Ji” (the fonder). The Noble message of the mission is spread through Divine Programmes like Meditation, Satsant, Kathabhajnamart (Preachings and Hymns). "

From the Desk of Gen. Secretary : The “Triveni Sewa Mission” is already flashing the message of spiritual, religious and divine programmes. We welcome the active participation of people from all walks of life in the Mission from sharing our ideology. You deep affection, valuable co-operation and involvement in the DIVINE PROGRAMMES OF THE MISSION is warmly invited,

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